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So Ready!!

There's nothing like that feeling of hitting that submit button at the end of a final exam, application, or like in our case... to publish our book. The moments leading up to it are usually filled with anticipation and happiness. Sometimes, there's that element of uncertainty. When you watch the circle spinning, you take a few big gulps and wait, all the while you are anxious about if it's going to upload and be accepted or rejected. In your mind, you're already crossing toes and fingers, but you're also thinking about plan B. You tell yourself you've come this far, and you're not about to be halted by a spinning circle.

So, essentially, you have a whole range of emotions centered around submitting a button, but we all know it's bigger than that. A lot of times, there's something riding on it. A big test can mean a passing grade or a failing grade. It can mean confirmation of something. Good or bad, it evokes emotion.

Prior to submitting our manuscript, we had to review the layout preview, then review the proof. After that, it was time to approve. We played cat and mouse with that button for a minute or two before eventually approving. We followed the next steps, then it was time to submit. We literally spent two more minutes talking about if we were ready.

Needless to say, we hit the submit button. It's still not ready to buy, but we are a lot closer than we were this time yesterday. The book is in review. This means, the book is under review to make sure that the content is acceptable for print. Once it's approved, our book is ready to go to print. Fingers crossed it's approved for Monday, July 27th. Again, we want to thank all of our fans and supporters. Your support and encouragements means a lot.

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