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Amazing Day!!!

What an amazing day we had day being interviewed by Michelle and Jesus from The Musty Creative. It's a fantastic podcast that you should check out. We had wonderful conversations. Honestly, it was just great to be able to sit down and chat with them virtually. This was our second interview, and we can't tell you how excited and thankful we are for each opportunity to be able to spread the word about our book. Since our last post, we sold a book in the U.K. That was also exciting. We have no idea who on earth bought it, but we are so thankful that they did. It is our hope that everyone who has the book finds inspiration. We won't spoil the podcast interview for you, but let's just say that we were excited to hear about both Michelle and Jesus's favorite parts in the book. You'll have to tune in to get all the details. I will tell you this... we had a blast!

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