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New Adventure

We have exciting news to share... Back in July, both Royal and I took on a huge adventure. I wrote, directed, produced and co-starred in a web series called Bonswa Shæ, Good Morning. It was a lot of work building this world for our web series, but I'm so happy that I did. I've been writing for years, but this is the first time I wrote a character with me in mind. It's been amazing being back in front of the camera. I have missed it.

We began preparing to film season one back in May. Our first shoot was mid July. It felt like the essential things came together with ease. For example, our cast is amazing. Each person is perfect for their role. Royal and I play mother and son. We also have Riki Westmoreland, Nick Sarando, Clif St. Laurent, Kianakali, Liz Ellie, Mark E. Ridley, Loki D. Wolf, Carole Copeland and Lyssa Janel as part of our wonderful cast. It was really important to me to shine light on my culture and really celebrate it. As a Creole, I have embraced my heritage with open arms. It has such a beautiful language. Somehow, I met my co-star, Clif St. Laurent who happens to speak the language fluently. He has made sure that the language in the script is authentic and accurate. What a huge blessing this is!

The web series will premiere early 2022 on YouTube. Look for the channel titled, Patrice Moreaux. We were busy all summer planning and filming. We would love to have your support with our web series by subscribing and sharing once we start uploading the show. There is another show that's coming to the same You Tube Channel. It's called Glo Up. It's a vlog about my journey to my glo up. I'm loving this new transformation.

In addition to this news, our book, Color Me Capable has gone worldwide. It is now on four continents. We couldn't be more excited and more thankful for all the encouragement and support. Thank you all again for all the love!!!

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