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Color Me Capable is LIVE!

Color Me Capable is officially available on Amazon! It debuted July 29, 2020. We're excited to share the news with you... Our book, Color Me Capable, debuted #2 as a best selling New Release in Nursery Rhymes among Amazon's Hot New Releases. Color Me Capable also reached the top 100 in Nursery Rhymes. Just as we are typing this new post, we jumped three new spaces in Nursery Rhymes and 28 spaces in Children's Sleep Issues which is like bedtime stories. This is amazing news and we can't thank you enough for it. Thank you so much for all your support. We're not done yet though. We want to continue to climb, but your help is needed. Our goal is to have Color Me Capable debut in the top 100 for best selling books. Please continue to share our post, tell all of your friends about this book and be sure to get your copy. Thanks again for making this happen. We have the best support EVER!

Patrice & Royal

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