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Amazon Hot New Releases

Color Me Capable has been holding its own on Amazon in the Hot New Releases. Since its debut, it has stayed in the top ten in new releases in nursery rhymes. It has been ranked #1 a number of times over the last two weeks and even graced the top 100 in nursery rhymes. Since this is a ranking that is monitored by the hour, we try not to follow it as closely, and just focus on spreading the word, but it's exciting when we do happen to check and see that we are in top ten- top #3, #2 or #1. It was competing with books and kindle books. Just last week, we made the kindle version available for our readers. We are working on a downloadable version available on our site. The price will be the same as on Amazon. It's not quite ready to launch on our site, but we will keep you updated.

In other exciting news.... recently as in yesterday recently, Color Me Capable took the honors of #1 new releases in Children's Philosophy Books. These two categories perfectly align with the vision and style of the book. This is a book of poetic affirmations designed to empower children and readers of all ages.

We are all about lifting one another up, and hope that this book continues to find its way into the hands of children, so that it can do just that.

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