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Color Me Capable challenges the limits and labels placed on us at an early age, and encourages us to find the inner voice that tells us that we can work hard and achieve success. When you buy one of our books on our website only, we donate a second book to a child.


We ship the second book out for you. Please indicate in the box provided at checkout the name and address to where we ship the second book. We currently ship in the U.S.A. only.

 Books usually ship out 1-10 business days. Fulfillment is impacted by Covid. We ship as soon as we possibly can.


Color Me Capable

SKU: 019201950
  • Color Me Capable is a children's book written to inspire our youth to break down the barriers that limit their dreams. When you buy one book through our site, we donate a book to a child.


    “Inspirational, encouraging read, much needed in these trying times.  Shows kids especially our black and brown ones unending possibilities.”

    Sam Z, Mom


    Dimensions: 8.5x11 inches, Paperback book





  • At this time, we do not accept any returns. When we send out your book, we send the second book out as well, so ALL SALES ARE FINAL.

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